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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Seventh Station of the Cross

The Seventh Station: Jesus Falls for the Second Time - reflections by Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC

Narrator:  Jesus falls beneath the heavy weight of the cross a second time.  It is difficult to see Jesus struggling in the condition He is in.  Very tired and in excruciating pain, Jesus has lost a tremendous amount of blood already.  It is a miracle in itself that he has not already died from His physical ordeal.  Again the soldiers show no mercy, quickly forcing Him up out of the dirt and onto His feet.  How much more can Jesus take?  The soldiers whip Him with their cords, and the sting jolts Jesus as he once more begins to move slowly to Golgotha, now visible before Him.

All:  Zealous Lord, beaten and abused, You were crushed so that we might be lifted up.  When evil surrounds us and seems to prevail, teach us to be resolute in faith and unwavering in hope.  We have nothing to fear, for by Your steadfast fidelity You have conquered all things.  O Christ, you are the Savior of the world. Amen.