Bishop's Blog

Friday, April 26, 2013


At Pentecost when the Apostles threw open the doors of the Upper Room, the crowds gathered in Jerusalem for the festival presumed that those men were drunk from drinking new wine.  And in a certain sense they were intoxicated but with the new wine of the Kingdom of God.  They were on fire, inebriated, drunk with love, and consumed by the rapture of the Spirit of God.  They shouted out the Good News.  They boldly began their mission to evangelize, first beginning in Jerusalem and Judea, and then to the very ends of the earth.  There was a world to win for Jesus Christ, and they set about the task with joy and enthusiasm.  Would they confront challenges? Assuredly!  Would they know times of weariness and discouragement?  Of course!  Would they face persecutions?  Certainly!  Would they ever give up?  Never!  And neither should we!  But like those first Apostles, we too need to personally experience the ardor and energy of the Holy Spirit, for in per portion to God’s need for nothing, is our need for everything from God.