Bishop's Blog

Friday, November 8, 2013


Each day we should read at least a little portion of the Bible. Every syllable of the scriptures is from God. The Bible proclaims God’s own self-revelation, who God is, what God is doing, and what God asks of us. The Bible offers a practical guide for daily living, a map for eternity, and a thesaurus for the awesome mysteries of our faith. In a world full of lies and confusion, we should read the scriptures the way someone desperate and starving might eat and drink. The Holy Spirit who guides and sanctifies the Church will not neglect the opportunity to speak to our hearts and enlighten our minds whenever we study and savor the Word of the Lord. 
We should certainly pray in the morning when we get up, and we should also pray again at night before we go to bed. We should pray before and after we eat and before and after we undertake any work or project. We should examine our consciences in the light of God’s mercy and regularly approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Such habits of prayer acknowledge no more than the simple truth that we are but stewards of our lives. Even were we to live for a hundred years, this is only a flashing instant out of eternity. Prayer can liberate our lives from the distractions and deceptions of contemporary culture, and enable us to notice and enjoy the things that really matter. Listening and talking to the Lord not only helps us to know God, but in this divine conversation we may also grow in wonder, knowledge and appreciation of creation, of one another, and even of our self.