Bishop's Blog

Monday, December 2, 2013

Stay Awake and be Alert

It is possible to live for an entire lifetime, spiritually immature.  It is possible to live in a dream world, as if bad stuff only happens to other people, as if personal choices had no consequences, as if Almighty God, was rather like a benign Santa Clause, morally neutral, making no demands upon our lives, who smiles even in the face of gross immorality and deliberate sin.  The scripture readings appointed for the last days of the old liturgical year and these first days of Advent are absolutely filled with dire warnings about the consequences of such foolish thinking.  Their bracing message is almost like an insistent drumbeat, hammering home over and over again, the same challenging warnings. 

Life is always radically insecure.  Time is always a limited treasure.  Sickness and wars trouble and disasters certainly even death itself, are always a part of the human condition.  So God’s Word challenges both the young and old, to stay awake and be alert.  Watch and pray because we do not know, the time nor the hour, when the Lord will suddenly break into our lives and demand an accounting for our actions.