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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ordination 2017

The ordination of Lee William Brokaw to the Holy Priesthood

Video of the Calling & Presentation of the Priest Candidate: Presentation of Candidate

Video of the Promise of the Elect: Promise of the Elect

Video of Promise of Obedience: Promise of Obedience

Video of Litany of the Saints: Litany of the Saints

Video of Laying on of Hands by Priests of the Diocese: Laying on of Hands

Video of the Prayer of Consecration: Prayer of Consecration

Video of Investiture with Stole & Chasuble: Vesting

Video of Anointing of Hands: Anointing of Hands

Video of Presentation of Chalice & Kiss of Peace: Kiss of Peace by Bishop

Video of Kiss of Peace by Priests of the Diocese of Peoria: Priests Kiss of Peace

Video of the Recessional: Recessional